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How To Watch NFL Games Today

Watching NFL games today, with the myriad of NFL live streaming options available, has never been easier. This year, the NFL 2017-18 season kicks off September 3rd. FOX, ESPN, CBS, DIRECTV and the NFL Network, as well as countless local channels will be live streaming NFL games today. However, due to stricter broadcasting rights this NFL 2017, not all NFL preseason games, NFL regular season games and the NFL playoffs will be offered to all areas. Some NFL games will be subject to blackouts, and not all paid streaming services (and/or APPs) show all NFL games without restrictions or needing to download additional add-ons.
While the TV channels named above are the most common ways Americans still choose to watch NFL games today, NFL live stream are also available online. Certain restrictions still apply, of course, but with so many free trial options, it’s much easier to watch NFL games live online for free in HD quality. Some providers even offer NFL game replays (also in HD, and including Super Bowl LI).
Here, I show you how you can watch NFL games today, including the NFL preseason, NFL regular season, NFL playoffs, Wild Card, Pro Bowl and even Super Bowl LII. You can use the step-by-step below to find NFL games live streaming within and outside of the US. Watch NFL games today, NFL games live stream 2017 online on PC, Windows or MAC, iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet, Google Chromecasts, roku, Linux, Kodi, PS4, Xbox One, and many other devices.

Live NFL Games Today

First, you’ll need access to a VPN. You can try IPVanish, ExpressVPN or ZenMate.
Once you have that set up and running, click here, register for the free trial (Premium gets you a better deal, it’s all free to try for the first 5 days anyway) and, most importantly, enjoy the game!